The History of Bingo

Bingo is one of the fastest growing online gambling games today. It has taken many hundreds of years to get to where it presently is. Most of us don’t even know the journey that Bingo has taken, so in this piece we’ll take a look back at the history of Bingo, and find out where it came from, and where it is going.

Early Italian lotteries

Bingo is a lot like lottery games. Most gambling histories are agreed that Bingo probably had its origins in Italy, during the early sixteenth century. There a game was known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. Believe it or not, that game is still played today as an Italian lottery. French, German and Brits also picked up on the game in later years, but it wasn’t until it reached the United States that really took on elements of its modern form.

The North American Beano

By 1929, the game as known in the United States, as Beano. Legend has it that when somebody shouted “Bingo” instead of “beano” as was customary, Edwin S. Love (a toy salesman), hired a maths professor to help him make a game using Bingo cards. A total of 6,000 were reportedly invented. Churchmen then adopted the game as a way to raise funds for churches, and throughout the 30s and 40s, this boosted the game’s popularity.

Bingo in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, Bingo had its heyday during the 60s, 70s and 80s. Thousands of Bingo clubs up and down the country offered games, and it was also played in pubs and clubs. In some instances, it still is. This cemented Bingo in the heart of UK gamblers. Over the years, they would adopt the 90-ball Bingo game, whilst Americans would favour an 80-ball game, requiring players to complete the card. 75-ball Bingo is played in both countries.
Bingo gets a new lease of life.

Bingo clubs fell in decline in the 90s, and by the millennium, turnouts were very low. Then, Bingo spring back into everybody’s hearts with the advent of online Bingo sites. At first, people began to return to the Bingo clubs, only for them to gradually close down in their hundreds, when online Bingo became easier, safer, and more rewarding than playing at your local club.

Bingo on the go

Since those days, online Bingo has been on top. However, whilst land-based Bingo continues to decline, and online Bingo reigns supreme, mobile Bingo is catching up quick. Played over your smartphones or tablets, it could just be that in a few years’ time, it will be online Bingo’s turn to go extinct as mobile Bingo takes over.