Bingo Glossary

Bingo – like many gambling games – has its own collection of terminology, jargon, and terms. Now, you will pick these up as you go along, but we can help you out with a couple of the more common ones here.

1TG, 2TG – In online bingo, if a player only has one or two more numbers to call when the game ends, they may pick up a runners’ up prize. These are known as 1TG (one to go) and 2TG (two to go) prizes.

Blackouts, Full Houses and Coveralls – These terms refer to marking off all of the numbers on a bingo card.

BOGOF – It may sound rude, but BOGOF actually means “buy one, get one free”, which is a common deal when purchasing bingo tickets at an online bingo site.

Caller – This is the name of the person who calls out the bingo balls when they are drawn.

Calls – A bingo call is a phrase used to identify a number. It often rhymes, but may sometimes be used just because a number resembles that shape. An example of a shape-style call is “two little ducks”, for the number 22, or “two fat ladies” for 88. An example of the rhyming calls is “you and me”, for number 3. Or “knock at the door”, for number 4. Other calls are just symbolic and plain, such as “lucky” 7, and “unlucky for some”, 13. Bingo calls are most common in the United Kingdom.

Chat – In the online bingo world, many bingo games have chat screens next to them. A Chat Master/Chat Host will be there to talk to players, offer bonuses and general encouragement. These games may be known as chat games.

Daubers/Markers – These are the big fat pens which land-based bingo players use to dab their bingo cards. This is a name all land-based bingo players should be familiar with.

Early bird games – These are bingo games which specifically take place early in the morning.

Guaranteed jackpot – A guaranteed jackpot is a minimum figure which will absolutely be available to win in a bingo game, no matter how many people are playing.

Hot number – In bingo, you may get a promotion or offer whereby if you call bingo on a specific number, you can win a better prize, or a second prize. These are known as “hot numbers” and change from player to player, and week to week.

Lines/Patterns – Lines and patterns are ways to win bingo games. Lines involve having numbers either horizontally or vertically on your card. Patterns involve making shapes with your winning numbers.

Room/Roomies – A room is one specific online destination which houses specific bingo games. A roomie is somebody who plays in those rooms, such as yourself.

Snowball jackpot – A snowball jackpot is won when a player manages to call bingo within a specific amount of numbers being called. It is often the biggest prize in bingo.

TOH – TOH is another abbreviation used in online bingo. It means “top of the hour”, implying that a bingo game will take place on the hour mark or just past it.

There are of course, many more bingo terms out there varying from county to country. With these ones, though, you should easily be able to get yourself involved in the online bingo world.